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The Ultimate Recruiting FUNNELS for Keller Williams

In 2016, no one wants to fill out ten form fields to play phone tag with a team leader!

Our one-of-a-kind recruiting conversion F.U.N.N.E.L. starts with a FREEMIUM. We use FREE items of value that other brokerage may charge a FREEMIUM to get and that is no way to start a relationship with your next "red hire". We are consistently providing free test assessments, books, and streaming video to potential recruits. The end result is better recruiting with pre-conditioned and educated agent appointments.

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Special MegaCamp 2016 Pricing Before It Goes to $750 a Month! Lock-In Savings for a Lifetime!

The $499 is the monthly subscription. See below for 10% savings on quarterly subscription.

Recruiting Will Never Be The Same...

Here is a few unique features that are not available with out vendors in this niche:

Traffic and Lead Generation Are Our Core Offer

Competing products include a website and nothing else. What good is a new toy without batteries that make it go? YES, in all of our packages we drive highly targeted traffic through advertising.

Dynamically Updated Content Included

Team Leaders and Operating Principals are extremeny busy people. Every month content is automatically posted to the site. If you are busy or not a blogger, no worries... RedHires has you covered!

Compensation Calculator Included

It would be a huge miss not to include an interactive compensation calculator. You can adjust the defaults on 3 different calculators based on New Agent, Active Agent, and Mega Agent. We have found this to be a great warm-up for a meeting with a Team Leader. The Team Leader can explain commission splits and caps in greater details.

New Agents, Active Agents, Mega Agents

The biggest mistake of most recruiting websites is treating every agent the same. In targeted advertising lead generation, driving all agent types to the home page would be a mistake. On a website New Agents, Active Agents, and Mega Agents 

The ONLY Mobile-Responsive Solution

80% of traffic is on a mobile device. Google penalizes sites that do not render on a mobile device. Do you really want a 2005 solution for a 2015 potential recruit. Technology is obviosly part of the value proposition for agents joining Keller Williams, make a great first impression by having a recruiting site that looks good on even the smallest of smart phones!

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Telephone Lead Routing 

Is your current $300-$600 a month recruiting site doing anything for you? Most recruiting sites lack engagement and that is why they suffer a 1%-3% registration rate. Even worse, if there is no paid advertising to the site, you are likely getting fewer than 2 recruiting leads a month. Agents do not like filling out forms. We have have you covered with telephone lead routing for the Team Leader!

Lock in the $499 price today!

YES, I want the MegaCamp 2016 Pricing!
John Pohly, Author of The Ultimate Conversion Funnel Blueprint

"F.U.N.N.E.L. is an acronym for Freemium, Upsell, Newsletter, Next offer, Expand market, Lifetime client. One-size fits all websites that do not follow this order to building an audience will lose everytime. It took me 20,000 to master this online marketing process. We build these types of funnels into every RedHires website."

-Winner of Keller Williams Lead Generation Contest 2014

Need Answers Now?

Send a text message to John Pohly @ 972-213-0775

Maureen Legac, Certified Trainer by Keller Williams University

"When I asked John Pohly to co-develop this recruiting funnel for leads I knew it would fill a need that is currently not being met by any web developer. Since our initial concept phase at the beginning of 2014, RedHires has grown into more than just the best recruiting appointment funnel, the included website and Facebook business page do a great job of representing Keller Williams."

Is RedHires Just Another Website Developer?

We are Keller Williams Associates and that Makes a BIG Difference!

RedHires was developed by Maureen Legac and John Pohly. Maureen is a KW Agent and has ownership in a Market Center. Maureen is also a certified trainer by Keller Williams University. John is the former technology trainer for Keller Williams Realty International and current KW Agent and consultant to many of the top Keller Williams teams in the country. John became the #1 lead generator at Keller Williams Realty in 2014 during a 90-day contest among 100,000 agents. Together John and Maureen make a great team for RedHires with a "Kellerized" approach to content and a laser focus on registrations of potential recruits.

Need Answers Now?

Send a text message to John Pohly @ 512-710-0733

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Our Development Team is 100% Keller Williams Realty

We believe in Keller Williams Realty and it shows!

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